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Safeguarding shipping assets, seamlessly.

POCR delivers state-of-the-art shipping monitoring support services and security solutions, enabling clients to optimize their navigational, operational, and commercial performance. 

Our advanced digital platform, supported by global teams in Cyprus, India, and the Philippines, provides live monitoring and daily tracking of speed and consumption.

We offer a single point of contact for voyage, speed, and consumption support, as well as 24/7 assistance for vessels passing through high-risk areas and sanction zones. Trust POCR for comprehensive and seamless maritime monitoring solutions.



Empowering cost-effective voyages.

Bunkerlink offers optimal bunker and lube solutions for shipping vessels with a comprehensive AI-based management system that provides customers with optimal pricing, uptake planning, transparency, audibility, and compliance. 

Our decision support tool allows charterers, owners, and operators to optimize their voyage with continuous consumption scenario calculations, uptake options, and cost-saving opportunities.

We also provide a bunker concierge service with 24/7 monitoring from RFQ to post-delivery events, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.



Holistic fleet management solution.

OCEANLY is not a stand-alone tool tailored to a single need, but a suite with a holistic vision that takes into account Energy Management, Operations Monitoring, Environmental Aspects and Regulations Compliance all together.

OCEANLY manages heterogeneous fleets that are in terms of the ships’ age and digital equipment: information coming from manual inputs on older ships or ones without sensors flows into the same database and information automatically acquired on modern ships, enabling comparative analysis.

This makes OCEANLY a reliable software not just for new ships, but also for ships that have been in service for a while.


Route Link

Smart-routing for sustainable shipping.

Route Link is a comprehensive routing service that provides advice on the best routes for ships, taking into account weather forecasts, ship characteristics, ocean currents, and special cargo requirements.

Their team of ex-seafarers is available 24/7 and offers voyage optimization, weather planning, emissions optimization, and safety and security monitoring.

The service focuses on evaluating environmental and commercial factors to provide optimized routes and support that continue beyond arrival and port stay.

Route Link

Emission Link

Transparent fuel monitoring & management.

Emission Link is a fuel and emissions monitoring system developed by POCR to create transparency in managing the fuel life cycle from bunkers supply to consumption and emissions.

The system can receive signals directly from vessel flow meters and machinery and monitors all consumption parameters in real-time to evaluate the efficiency of Main and Auxiliary Engines.

The tool also supports BIMCO CII Operations Clause by monitoring Rolling CII and differentiating between operational and technical impact, providing shipping companies with valuable data to reduce their environmental footprint and comply with regulations.

Emission Link

Engine link

Maximizing engine performance efficiency.

Engine Link is a cost-effective and unique digitalization tool that enables ship managers and technical superintendents to upgrade and monitor engine room data.

The solution allows for quick and easy issue identification and failure monitoring, and integrates third-party data analytics to continuously improve engine performance.

With in-depth analysis and actionable advice, Engine Link helps reduce fuel oil consumption and extend the lifetime of engines, while providing crucial insights into engine room operations and transforming the workload of TSIs and Chief Engineers.

Engine Link


Ship monitoring with real-time insights.

For purpose of enhancing the POCR services, CSM in partnership with Blue Dynamics and the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI), has set up a new project called ‘PANGIA – POCR And Next Generation IoT AI’. The PANGIA project has received government funding as it was identified as one of the leading innovation projects in Cyprus.

Vibration and temperature monitoring have been used successfully on ships for many years, to reduce breakdowns and improve equipment functionality and reliability.

PANGIA is working with state-of-the-art wireless vibration and temperature sensors linked to an onboard server from which the crew can spot any abnormalities or problems.


Ariva 360

Revolutionizing onboard safety training.

ARIVA 360 is a gamified virtual reality application that helps shipping companies to explore different components and decks on board their vessels.

It enables officers to familiarize themselves with the specific features of the vessel and provides remote safety familiarization and technical overview, including instructor assistance, video calls, and layering data with operational information.

This solution offers a complete immersive experience that transports users into real-world and imagined environments using VR devices. ARIVA 360 enhances learning, provides an engaging and interactive experience, and improves safety and operational efficiency.

Ariva 360


Unparalleled lubricants setting new standards.

Unleash the power of streamlined lubricant management. LubeLink proudly delivers unmatched combination of market knowledge and operational expertise to its clients, unparalleled access to a diverse range of high-quality lubricants at competitive prices and reliable and efficient digitalized management solutions that set a new standard for the industry.

Proactive monitoring & analysis to help maintain your ROB information via noon reports and receive automated notifications for upcoming lubricant demands. Supply reliability to experience the benefits of working with a provider who has long-standing relationships with leading brands.

Simplified solutions providing eff­ortless uploading of contracts and seamless comparison between ports and products in one place so to optimize your procurement plan. Data-driven approach to meet your targets, single inte­rface reporting to increase vessel efficiency and earnings. LubeLink also provides supply data analysis filtered by vessel, ports, products and suppliers. Converting data into action-driven solutions to support decisions and ensuring targets are met.